Attacking and Defending Dead Money in Tournament Poker


What is meant by Dead Money?

Dead money is used for describing the players’ chips that players would have folded. This money is present in the tournament poker as there are massive amounts of chips. Antes and high blinds are capable of taking chip stack and so, players must be creative on the methods of developing their chip stack besides staying in the game.

A tournament player is aware that as the levels of blinds increase, antes and blinds will turn remarkably valuable. For example, a tournament’s mid-way stages to late-way stages commonly revolve around dead money where players attack the pre-flop pots cruelly. Again, they also do not allow their opponents to do this. It can turn out to be hugely hectic and so, an appropriate policy for these circumstances becomes a must. However, dead money is pretty different from freerolls as in poker, dead money is used differently.

The method of attacking dead money

When there are more players present in the online poker tournaments, then the availability for dead money becomes more. Again, attacking dead money could turn into a tricky process which needs special awareness and attention on other players who play betting and style strategies. In fact, attacking dead money deals with attempting to steal, re-steal, and place squeeze bets. However, you need not risk attacking dead money all the time as timing is everything.

Ways to defend dead money in poker tournaments

You can’t defend dead money when you don’t make big calls. Here, you need to be mindful that whether you are playing a skilled player or not, it will determine if your opponent has been making a play. This is very easy to lose your concentration and stay aware of all the situations in poker. So, when you will plan to steal, other players will plan to re-steal and so, you must be willing to push more chips for defending the dead money. Stealing dead money can turn into a rewarding and profitable experience but you must consider many things before you do this.