How does continuation betting help an advanced player?

The continuation bet is considered a crucial portion of a player’s overall poker policy. At the time of poker boom, many top poker players began to realize this fact that when they bet the flop post raisingpreflop, they would take the pot down but with a little resistance, and this way, cbet was conceptualized. In the years that followed the boom, everyone became aware of the fact that when they know cbet, they will surely make massive profits.

The need for continuation bets

The policy of cbet is grounded on the fact that a player’s hand is not commonly improved by the flop. Hence, attacking his opponent with more aggression, irrespective of his holding can win the pot. This can also be utilized as a reverse bluff at a time when you hold a sturdy hand and like to form the pot. The chief purpose of cbet is winning the pot fast.

Total number of opponents

When you face fewer opponents you run a great chance to win the pot. However, you need to take into consideration the following points about cbet:

  • Cbet is nearly 100 percent when heads up.
  • Cbet becomes 50 percent when it is played between a couple of players.
  • It becomes 25 percent when played against 3 players.

When Cbet is done against more than 1 opponent, then it provides you with some kind of unpredictability. However, when there are 4 or more than 4 players, you will wish to hit the flop prior to sending more chips.

When do you need to cbet?

You need to be mindful of some vital factors that would decide whether or not you must make a bet and they are as follows:

  • When you happen to be in a position or out of it.
  • When there is a chance of an opponent folding, like opponent type.
  • Board texture.
  • When you have got equity in your hand.
  • The probabilities of their folding on forthcoming streets.

Hence, you can make out that a lot of things determine whether or not you must cbet.

Vital points to remember

At a time when you select to cbet on the dry board, your bet should not exceed the pot’s half and it can become smaller too in the majority of the cases. When you cbet with a little sizing, you will derive the same outcomes. When you bet small, you will be able to bluff cheaper and with more hands. Nonetheless, on a connected board, everything becomes the opposite and here, you don’t wish to bet small as it will provide your opponent with appropriate odds that can outdraw you.