Gambling Is Intrinsic To Human and Often Glorified In the Recent Past


The Brains Many Times Refuse To Admit The Known Knowledge Is Like Grains Of Sand, And The Unknown Is The Fathomless Ocean.Gambling is intrinsic to human and often glorified in the recent past. Whether you play a hand of poker in a plush parlor or seating in a comfy searing room, there is always a creepy fascination with adrenaline gushing. Movies often portray the glorious side of gambling but remain silent on the downside spiral of addiction. Gambling often starts with a friendly challenge at the tea table or betting for a favorite sports team. But people want to win, so he takes to card counting and learning strategies in the hope to bring down the castle of the house edge. There is always an unmistakable mesmerizing element in gambling which whack a chord in humans.

The human brain tilts to be overconfident, as it is predisposed to be so. The delusion of knowledge gives you a sense of false of controlling; the brains many times refuse to admit the known knowledge is like grains of sand, and the unknown is the fathomless ocean. With limited awareness, an educated guess can go far away from the truth. Gambling gives an illusion of control; the player starts to believe the skill factor can overcome every hurdle when wagering is defined by chance. The stimulated agitated brain takes high-risk decision provoking perilous bet. Players tend to cross the safety threshold when they believe they can influence the outcome of the game.

Near misses and personal choice are the salient features that shape the elusive control in the gambler`s mind

In every gambler’s life, there have been near misses, just one number mismatch eluded the lottery jackpot, or the ball rolling down next to the predicted number in roulette, or a chosen horse finishing second by a split of a second. Reoccurring of such events at frequent interval pushes the gambler for further betting believing the win is very near; Lady Luck is about to smile. The hope of near-win is often a mirage taking the gambler to the heart of a secluded desert of addiction. 

Personal choice also constitutes an illusion of control. In a given situation where the gambler is given an option of active participation, it fortifies the delusive sense of control. For instance, if a gambler is given an opportunity to pick a lottery number or to roll a ball in a roulette table instead of a croupier, it creates an illusion that by some means, he can create a favorable outcome. Be sensible while you play games at mega888 online casino, play for entertainment knowing house edge is an unbeatable fact.